Graham Edmunds with a nice local trout.
Graham Edmunds with a nice local trout.

FISHING FRIDAY: High quantity of bream about in CQ waters

THIS latest run of bosses weather continues as we get wind for the weekend and a day or so of good conditions midweek.

The estuaries have been in fine form over the past few weeks as some nice barra and king salmon were caught consistently lately.

Barramundi, grunter, salmon, whiting and flathead were all doing well but, bream as to be expected are leading the way in quantity everywhere and the odd trevally are also worth targeting at present.

Coorooman Creek, Corio Bay and The Fitzroy are all producing and it doesn’t seem to matter which one you choose there are fish available.

There has been heaps of nice sized salmon at a wide variety of spots.

They were taking different baits from yabbies, small live mullet, whiting fillets to prawns. Regular salmon fishers said the tides combined with a few top days have bought the best out in the salmon.

Zane Lanesbury with a fine Spanish mackerel caught at the Keppels.
Zane Lanesbury with a fine Spanish mackerel caught at the Keppels.

This time of year is a great period to walk the banks of the local creeks and estuaries, espescially The Causeway Lake.

There is always plenty of fish about and the proximity to the shop and play equipment makes it a one of the top spots for the family.

This week I was passing by as a couple of young blokes nailed a decent grunter right in front of the boat ramp on the northern side.

They were telling me about all the different fish they had caught in recent times and said that there was generally fish feeding much of the time there.

I prefer the “runthrough” which is a rising tide over 3.6m that floods over the causeway and gets everything in the lake stirred up.

Another species that has turned up in quantity is flat salmon or locally called steelies or steelbacks.

They are feisty little buggers which will attack small herrings or lures readily.

They like current edges or froth lines and one method is to troll small shiny, bright or fluoro lures past likely spots.

Steelies taste pretty good if bled and eaten fresh.

Some of the fish around at the moment are decent enough sized to whack the fillets off for a feed.

Graham Western with a nice feed from Corio Bay.
Graham Western with a nice feed from Corio Bay.

The offshore fishing should be going well once you get a chance to head wide.

There were good reports from the lucky ones who got the opportunity in recent days. Spaniards and doggies are also on the menu both in the bay and offshore.

There should be doggies at Rita Mada, Ironpot, Clayton’s, Findlay’s, Farnborough and Quartz and a few of the other coastal spots over the westerlies.

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