Scott Lynch with a fine local red emperor.
Scott Lynch with a fine local red emperor.

FISHING FRIDAY: How skip casting can increase catch rate

SKIP casting is something the majority have never tried.

After watching some young blokes putting lures into spots that us hardbody lure guys can’t reach I have begun to practise.

There are so many fish that stay out of reach behind the mangrove curtain where they are out of range.

Skip casting is a way you can get your lure into the fish and increase your catch rate substantially.

Mangrove jack and big bream will latch onto near anything if it falls in front of them.

Often you don’t need to do anything fancy just let the lure sink for a second and if it doesn’t get nailed start a slow retrieve.

It won’t take long for a strike if there are fish there.

All those mangrove banks lining the majority of saltwater estuary systems have fair populations of these iconic fish.

By changing a few things more of them become accessible.

If you don’t know anyone who fishes like this there are many CDs on the market that can show you the basics and then it is a matter of practice to fine tune your style.

After fishing with Connor and another friend Glenn Davis, I look at the mangroves completely differently to how I had as a barra fisherman.

One of the bycatches of chasing jacks is barramundi and that is the sort of bycatch I like.

Rexy Hackett with a prime Keppel black spot tusky
Rexy Hackett with a prime Keppel black spot tusky

The estuaries are slowly picking up and flathead are the inform species.

Barra, jacks, bream, whiting and salmon are all available this month.

Red emperor, red throat, sweeties, parrot and coral trout are going well at most of the offshore reef patches and this mid-season period normally produces the bigger fish.

The wide grounds and shoals are the best option when the conditions are right.

Wahoo are arriving again in numbers at the shoals and anywhere there is fast water around a reef is a spot to try.

The faster trolled lures and skirts are best for wahoo.

The expected spotted mackerel run has been slow coming.

With any luck be back on track within weeks if conditions allow the bay to stay clean. September is usually prime spotty time for the small tinny anglers.

They start in the southern end of the bay and work north through the multitude of mackerel patches in the area.

Jason Smithwick with a cracker coral trout.
Jason Smithwick with a cracker coral trout.

Lures and pillies are both very good options when the fish are on the chew.

Spotties respond well to berley and will often follow the stream right to the boat.

In previous years they have hit spots like Quartz at the same time as the ribbonfish.

This presents another issue of trying to get a chrome down though the wolfies/ribbonies to the macks.

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