Weylin Zonruiter with a 15kg red emperor he caught close to yeppoon
Weylin Zonruiter with a 15kg red emperor he caught close to yeppoon

FISHING FRIDAY: Offshore anglers reeling in serious catches

THE FORECAST at this stage leaves a little opening for the areas offshore fishers with 10 knots easing over the weekend and even better Monday.

Keppel Bay is fishing quite well with reports of nannies, grunter and a lot of squid around at present.

Grunter is the favourite species for CQ residents, at present they are spread out over the area.

Both inside and outside grunter should be available depending on the conditions over the new moon.

The offshore anglers have been getting into some serious reds and nannygai not far out of the bay. The bigger catches though were coming from the wider areas and over the other side of the green.

Keith Wright with a decent coronation trout
Keith Wright with a decent coronation trout

The estuaries are doing quite well with the standard bread and butter species on the chew almost everywhere.

The Fitzroy is salmon central with both kings and blues reported this week. The kings have been in numbers at spots pretty well the whole length of the salt end of the river.

The late arvo and night fishers seem to be getting the best results.

Prawns, yabbies and poddy mullet are the baits of choice for kings while blues will take pillies readily.

Look for eddies behind and pressure points in front of structures for the better results.

Bream, whiting and flathead are all going okay, particularly at Coorooman Creek and Corio Bay.

Kim Larcombe with a fine green jobfish
Kim Larcombe with a fine green jobfish

The bream will be mainly around oyster rocks and mud banks taking anything from small live baits to flesh strips, prawns, yabbies and cut pilchards.

Bream respond to a good berley trail and will come right up to the back of the boat or to your feet for the shore based anglers following scent and the small morsels looking for a feed. Whiting have been along the beaches from Long Beach right through to Corio.

Yabbies and beach worms will outperform everything else where whiting are concerned and there is always a good chance of picking up a bream or a flatty at the same time.

Flathead are in the process of moving from the length of the estuaries to the mouths where they will congregate over the coming months.

Flatties like baits or lures equally well but they are a lazy fish so the closer to their mouth you land your gear the more likely it will get chomped.

Plastics worked in a jig then pause method, even let your plastic sit totally still for a few seconds before a small jig and another pause will attract any flathead in range.

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