TOP TROUT: Mark Thompson scored this fine trout out from Keppel.
TOP TROUT: Mark Thompson scored this fine trout out from Keppel. Contributed

FISHING: The fishing should improve as we get better weather

By Scotty lynch

WE HAD a great little session this week without having to go too far, scoring a good feed of mixed species.

We got mackerel, coral trout, cod, sweetlip, nannies, hussar and snapper over the day. The secret to doing well when things are a bit tough is to persist around bait schools. If there is no structure holding baitfish, keep looking.

There are snapper at various locations in the area just past the islands.

Scotty Lynch fishing pics
Graham Edmunds showing the tax man will find you anywhere. Contributed

The cooler temps were the switch to trigger their annual move from the deeper areas to spawn. This is totally opposite to south Queensland, where the snapper move to the deeper areas to spawn.

Doggie mackerel are at many of the patches around the islands at present.

They may not be really hungry but they will come on sooner or later. Chop up a few pillies and drop over small amounts regularly.

This will not only turn them onto feed mode, it will bring them close to the boat. Burley is something that the majority of fishers don't bother with.

The majority of fishers also struggle with getting a consistent feed.

The fishing should only improve from now on in as we get better weather between blows.

This latest bit of a chill will get the fish firing leaving prospects looking good. Black jew, mackerel, grunter, bream, blue and king threadfin salmon, flathead, queenies and trevally are increasing across the region's reefs or estuaries giving the area's fishers plenty of options.

Regardless, this is also the best time of year to stock the freezer with baits for the slower months.

Scotty Lynch fishing pics
SNAPPED UP: Larry Larcomb caught this nice local snapper this week. Contributed

I try to put in a couple of days chasing bait instead of fishing.

Bonito are starting to move through and it is pretty easy to get amongst them. Most of the guys that chase bait keep it real quiet and usually after the run word gets around. Make sure you keep an ear open and any time the conditions drop out try Ironpot, Forty Acre, Farnborough Reef and Corio Heads. Small feather jigs or small chromies do the job consistently for these quality baits.

Can't emphasise more strongly on the benefits of having large local caught baits.

Squid come on big time in July and August and there is a fair few of them about at the moment.

Try trolling or drifting very slowly over the shallows around the islands with a couple of floating jigs hanging out the back.

Soak your squid jigs in pilly juice or tuna oil to give that little bit of extra appeal.

As the jigs pass over the colour changes (sand to reef) the squid will come out and nail the jigs. Any of the islands' headlands and the harbour have squid and a feed of squid never goes to waste.

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