Five reasons Chris Hemsworth could be in Gladstone

Happy birthday Chris Hemsworth. Picture: Ryan Pierse/Getty
Chris Hemsworth is in Gladstone and we're all wondering why, and for how long for?

WHEN People magazine's 2014 'Sexiest Man Alive' lands in Gladstone, people are going to talk.

We at The Observer are just as curious as you are as to why Chris Hemsworth could be in Gladstone.

Here are five of our guesses:

To star in the movie Croak

Is this Hemsworth's next big ticket movie?

Going against his hero-like qualities, he'd definitely be the biology teacher harbouring a dark secret, about to unleash death and destruction on the area.

The movie is about a killer cane toad and is being filmed in Gladstone. If this is true, we hope no Hemsworths are harmed during filming.

He heard Agnes Water is the next Byron Bay

Stock images of Agnes Water and the town of 1770 (Seventeen Seventy). PICTURED: Agnes Water main beach
Agnes Water beach. Matt Taylor GLA250519STOCK

Look out Byron, Hemsworth might be looking for a quieter beachfront paradise for him and his family.

If he is in Agnes, make sure you keep an eye out on the waves. Remember not to drop in on him, or you might feel the wrath of Thor.

To get fitness tips

We have plenty of gyms and trainers around town, defying the laws of nature with their lifts and climbs.

Hemsworth might need a little help getting back on track after a big Christmas.

To visit the islands

Chilling at a secluding hut on Wilson Island Photo Amber Toms
Could Chris Hemsworth be at the secluded Wilson Island? Amber Toms Photo ROK

Where do you holiday when you live at Byron? Hemsworth and his family could be heading to Wilson or Heron Island to enjoy all the Southern Great Barrier Reef has to offer.

Turtle hatchlings will probably get more quality time with him than the rest of us.

To go fishing

Barra season's just opened and Hemsworth's heard there's some whoppers to be caught in Gladstone waters.

Let's face it, he's got the guns to be able to reel in a 120cm+ barra as easily as if it were a little bream.