Five-year-old's lemonade crusade to help those in drought

WHEN Lucy Anderson sits out the front of her house in Rangeville tomorrow to sell homemade lemonade, she won't just be living her dream as a shopkeeper.

The five-year-old and young entrepreneur will donate the proceeds of "Lucy's Lemonade Stand" to drought-stricken farmers, in a move that's sure to warm the hearts of Toowoomba residents.

Her mother Jessica said Lucy had always wanted to run a market stall, and it was her idea to set up a lemonade stand.

"Lucy's always wanted to have a market stall somewhere - she loves playing shops," she said.

"A couple of weeks ago she saw on a show she was watching, a character had a lemonade stand and she asked me if she could have one too.

"I said she could, but I thought we should raise some money for someone."

After discussing the lucky recipient with her parents, Lucy decided she would donate her earnings to the One Bucket campaign, which supports Drought Angels and Rural Aid.

"We thought about some different charities and her grandparents are farmers so we talked about that and that's why we chose the farmers," Mrs Anderson said.

While her mother will make the lemonade, Lucy has already designed a beautiful sign to sit out the front.

Lucy and her family will sell lemonade on Loveday St in Rangeville from 10am until 2pm, at $2 a cup.

Anyone who would like to donate to the Queensland Drought Appeal can visit or SMS "drought" to 0484 200 200.

Helping farmers: Lucy's lemonade stall to help drought sticken farmers.
Helping farmers: Lucy's lemonade stall to help drought sticken farmers.