Forecaster predicts high seas, rain will trigger March flood

A LONG-RANGE forecaster predicts flooding will hit Queensland during March when high sea levels combine with heavy rainfall.

Australasian long-range forecaster Ken Ring said king tides would happen early next year bringing good rain in weeks during January, February, March and May.

The weather patterns could bring danger to the region's coastal communities.

"It means plenty of rain is earmarked for Queensland between now and next June, and floods for mid-March and during much of the second half of May, especially (from the) 11th to 26th," Mr Ring, the author of the Australian Weather Almanac 2014, said.

Mr Ring said flooding could occur when king tides, brought about when the moon comes closer to earth, combined with rain.

Bureau of Meteorology climate scientist Tamika Tihema said the initial rain outlook suggested there would not be much rain for January and February.

"There's a 70% chance it will be drier than average," she said.

The seasonal outlook suggests the neutral conditions would remain for the next three months.

The BOM is due to release an updated rainfall outlook.