An Emerald driver was caught drink driving without a licence.
An Emerald driver was caught drink driving without a licence.

Foreign drink driver with expired licence faces hefty fine

A man has been disqualified after driving around for more than 18 months with an expired driver’s licence.

Lalabhai Ramanlal Patel pleaded guilty on January 11 at Emerald Magistrates Court to driving under the influence of liquor and driving without a licence.

Patel was pulled over at 2.40am on November 29, 2020, while driving on Campbell Ford Dve, Emerald.

He returned a blood-alcohol content reading of .155, over the high alcohol limit.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen said Patel had no traffic history, but at the time of the offence he provided an international Indian drivers licence that expired in April, 2019.

Patel told police he was unable to renew the Indian licence because he was in Australia.

He didn’t provide a lawful reason for not applying for a Queensland drivers licence, despite living there for 10 years.

“This was my first mistake and I wont make this mistake ever again,” Patel told the court through a Hindi interpreter.

Magistrate Ron Muirhead took into account that Patel’s licence had already been suspended for six weeks.

Patel was fined a total of $1300 and disqualified from driving for a further seven months. Both convictions were recorded.