THE world may be consumed by coronavirus but it was the last thing on the minds of bodyboard riders enjoying cyclonic swell on the Sunshine Coast late yesterday.

Mooloolaba was 'going off' and despite the warnings from lifeguards, board riders took to huge dumping waves like there was no tomorrow.

Watching teens tumble from the rolling waves became a spectator sport as scores of those walking along the beach stopped to watch the 'train wreck television'.

Mooloolaba Spit is notorious for spinal injuries during big dumping surf but it seemed for these youths, the bigger the plunge the better.

Surf reports this morning said the mix of east-south-easterly swell is still on the pump with waves of up to two metres.
Winds from the south-east are expected to strengthen to 20 knots plus through the day.

The next high tide, where it is safer to take on the waves, is at 3pm with a tide height of 1.2 metres. The water temperature remains at 24 degrees.

Lifeguards yesterday were urging inexperienced swimmers to stay out of the big swell.

Even those who can swim well were advised to stay at waist deep so as not to be swept out.