FILE SHOT: emergency services Queensland fire and rescue department. Photo: Zach Hogg / NewsMail
FILE SHOT: emergency services Queensland fire and rescue department. Photo: Zach Hogg / NewsMail Zach Hogg BUN220714FAR3

Former CQ chef spends over a year in jail for 2016 crimes

A MAN drove his car at three people after an argument and three weeks later, set a pile of clothes on fire using paint thinner after arguing with a woman over poker winnings.

Peter William Kummerfield, 43, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court yesterday to one count of burglary, one of arson, one of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and five summary charges.

The Gladstone-born Rockhampton resident has appeared before courts 27 times before yesterday's sentence, but had only one prison-term imposed.

Kummerfield had a conviction for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle from Gladstone Magistrates Court in 2004 after he overtook a car on the Bruce Highway at a dangerous section. He was ordered to pay a $2000 fine on that occasion.

Crown prosecutor Will Slack said on this occasion, in July 2017 in Rockhampton, Kummerfield had been arguing with three people and waved a knife at them before driving the vehicle at them.

Kummerfield drove the vehicle into one car that then crashed into a car in front of it.

Three weeks later, he told a woman he was arguing with over poker winnings that he was on his way to her house.

The court heard she left her house and when he arrived, he broke in via the back sliding door, causing extensive damage.

Mr Slack said Kummerfield sent the woman a text message before entering her bedroom, pouring paint thinner on a pile of clothes and setting it alight.

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren said Kummerfield extinguished the fire with a garden hose prior to emergency services arriving, however photographs showed significant damage was caused.

When police intercepted him earlier that year, he had a firearm and 52 bullets in his possession with no weapons licence.

When Kummerfield was arrested for arson, on the day of the fire, police found two machetes, a 20cm long knife and 0.5g methamphetamines in his possession.

Mr Slack said while Kummerfield was in prison, during his presentence custody, a corrective services officer gave him his meal before exchanging comments and Kummerfield punched the officer, continuing to assault him on the ground.

Defence barrister Scott Moon said Kummerfield, who has a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from CQUniversity and worked 15 years as a chef in Gladstone, had been on a downward spiral at the time.

"He lost everything,” he said. "He lost a farm... lost work.”

Mr Moon said Kummerfield was now working as a diesel fitter.

He was ordered Kummerfield to three years prison with immediate parole.