Former meth addict's relapse after mother's death

FAMILY issues after her mum's funeral led to a drug relapse for Rockhampton's Mellisa Anne Fairy, a court has heard.

Police prosecutor Julie Marsden told the Rockhampton Magistrates Court that Fairy returned a positive result for having drugs in her system after she was pulled over on Musgrave St about 9.20pm on Saturday, March 19.

Ms Marsden said Fairy, who pleaded guilty to driving with a drug in her system, told police she had smoked a point of rock (crack cocaine) 11 days before.

She said Fairy had four pages of prior traffic history.

Defence lawyer Brian McGowran said when Fairy had got behind the wheel the affects of the drugs had long since worn off.

Mr McGowran said she was surprised at the result.

He told the court that Fairy had cleaned up her life and was seeing ATODS on a regular basis, when her mum died a couple of months ago.

He said after the funeral family issues came to a head.

"She caught up with someone she was using meth with," Mr McGowran said.

"It was a relapse."

Magistrate Cridland said the clear message was that these drugs stayed in people's system for a long time.

He fined Fairy $600 and disqualified her from driving for three months.

Meanwhile, Justyn John Murphy was also in court where he pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of drugs.

The court heard Murphy was intercepted driving along Lakes Creek Road about 8pm on March 19.

He returned a positive drug reading and admitted to police he had smoked ice on the Thursday evening.

He was convicted and fined $400 and disqualified from driving for three months.

A conviction was recorded.