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Cr Tony Williams.Photo Allan Reinikka / The Morning Bulletin Allan Reinikka ROK070716aroadwor

Four new projects Rocky council push for candidate support

NO stone will be left unturned by Acting Mayor Tony Williams who is pushing candidates from the region's three electorates to support a number of economic and tourism boosting projects.

With the state election spotlight well and truly on Rockhampton, council is taking advantage of the attention and pushing for candidates support across Keppel, Mirani and Rockhampton for developments in the area.

Acting Mayor Tony Williams addressed the important priorities in council discussion yesterday saying it was important to "lobby as hard as we can for our region".

He said it would be "remiss" of council not to take this opportunity to push as hard as possible to kick start a number or projects for the region.

In addition to the current projects council has already thrown support behind, it has announced another four highly targeted upgrades.

These include guaranteeing future water supply of Mount Morgan with a water pipeline and continuing funding of projects for the Mount Archer Activation Plan.

Also included in the plan is road upgrades to Frenchville Rd and Dean St, Norman Rd and Yeppoon Rd as well as providing a ring road around Rocky allowing quick deliveries and reducing traffic.



Entire Region

  • Commit funding to deliver the Rockhampton Ring Road and lobby the Federal Government for funding support
  • Building Rookwood Weir
  • Publicly supporting Advance Rockhampton as the primary Economic Development Body for the Rockhampton Region


  • Funding for the South Rockhampton Flood Levee
  • Funding for Stage 2 of the North Rockhampton Flood Mitigation Project
  • Building Gracemere High School
  • Funding for the proposed new Art Gallery


  • Commit to funding the Mount Morgan Water Pipeline
  • Support for Council's Recreational Fishing Strategy, a boat ramp at Port Alma and recreational fishing opportunities in Mount Morgan
  • Clearing the red tape and giving budget consideration to reopening the Dinosaur Caves at Mount Morgan.


  • Continuation of funding for projects identified under the Mount Archer Activation Plan
  • Address traffic issues on Frenchville Road and Dean Street as well as Norman Road and Yeppoon Road  

Acting Mayor Williams said the priorities lie across all three regions because "what is good for one is good for all".

"We are actively seeking meetings with candidates to seek their support for these projects and we look forward to productive discussions during the campaign to get the outcomes our residents need and deserve," Acting Mayor Williams said.