WORK ON IT: Vector Health's Glenn Hansen working with Shelby Hill.
WORK ON IT: Vector Health's Glenn Hansen working with Shelby Hill. Allan Reinikka ROK130519avector1

Free clinics at esteemed local fitness centre this weekend

FROM getting Central Queensland cattle breeder Michael Ingram back on his feet after a fall which took away his ability to walk, to getting equestrian rider Shelby Davis-Hill ready to represent Australia at the Special Olympic World Games in 2019 and helping powerlifter Odell Manuel reclaim the title of strongest man in the country and third equal in the world, Vector Health has proven time and time again that it has the expertise and care to bring out the best in people.

It is that level of knowledge and attention to clients that will be focused on this Saturday in a free Open Day for the public.

The skilled team will be celebrating not only five years at the centre's new location on William Street, but the facilities and guidance available to everyone.

Vector Health receptionist and marketing officer Tahlee Bridges said this Saturday will highlight all the centre has available and let the public know that it is not a "normal, conventional gym”.

"We have physiotherapists and exercise physiologists on site as well as performance coaches, and exercise science coaches,” Bridges said.

Bridges said the centre not only offers fitness and training but also rehabilitation, health prevention, physiotherapy and exercise physiology for those with chronic health conditions.

"We're basically letting them know we are here and although we have the gym side of things, we offer a lot more services than that,” she said.

"We also do children's clinics and on Monday to Friday we have a senior health exercise program where groups of seniors come through and work on keeping themselves fit.

"A majority of our staff will be there on Saturday, so there will be someone to have a chat to at any given time.

"There will also be a few clinics and information sessions so people get an understanding on the different aspects of us.”

Vector Health's Glenn Hansen working with Shelby Hill.
Vector Health's Glenn Hansen working with Shelby Hill. Allan Reinikka ROK130519avector2

After the official opening and cake celebration at 9am, the events of the day will run until 12pm, with staff available for discussions with the public until 1pm.

Despite being the same day as the election, the different time slots allow people the flexibility to come in throughout the day and find something that suits them.

Those wanting to get involved in the strapping clinic or the children exercise sessions are required to complete forms that can be found online via the Facebook page.

"(Head coach) Glen Hansen is really dedicated to educating people... in the right way,” Bridges said.

"He helps prevent injury and also helps people understand the reasoning behind why they are doing certain things.

"It's his passion that has built this centre. He has a commitment to caring about the overall person too.

"Glen likes to think of everyone who walks through the door as part of the family.”

As well as cake in the morning, there will be a barbecue.

Open Day Timetable


9am Official Opening - Cake Cutting


Children's Clinic - Exercise Session

"Reform-you” a 12 Week - Exercise Physiologist Led Training Program - Info Session

Women's Health & Physio - Miche Hansen - Info Session


Strapping clinic - Wrist - with Senior Physiotherapist Hamish Ashton

Active Kids, Exercise & Nutrition - Parent Information Talk - Head Coach and VHAP Owner - Glenn Hansen


Girls & Women Rugby Coaching Session - with Sport Science Coach Rachel Warcon


Children's Clinic - Exercise Session


Pinc & Steel - Physio-led Cancer Exercise and rehabilitation information session with Senior Physiotherapist Miche Hanse


Concussion - Q&A - Info session with Senior Sports Physiotherapist Hamish Ashton


"DES” Diabetes Exercise - Info Session with Exercise Physiologist Simon Wissman


Children's Physiotherapy - Info, Assessment, Exercise - Learning & Development.


Strapping clinic - Ankle - with Senior Physiotherapist Hamish Ashton


Squat Technique with Glenn Hansen Owner & Head Coach of VHAP