"WE NEED push bikes and walking tracks to help people that are addicted to cars."

That is according to Mayoral candidate Chris Hooper who pushed his campaign to reduce pollution from a local government level at the Mayoral Debate over the weekend.

Mr Hooper said the solution to parking issues at Rockhampton Hospital did not lie in a new car park but in reducing the number of cars on the region's roads.

"I want free public transport in Rocky," he said.

"There's talk around here we need a hospital car park.

"If you've got free public transport you get cars off roads, it all interrelates, all problems are associated.

"You can't just solve the car problem by building a car park."

Mr Hooper said 14% of the pollution was produced by cars.

"If we start thinking about Rocky as its own little village we need to start looking after our own little village and get our pollution under control," he said.

"We've got to look after this little community ourselves.

"On all the questions we got, they are all about economic development and there was no mention about man made climate change."