A front page from The Northern Star newspaper from 1906.
A front page from The Northern Star newspaper from 1906.

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AT THE end of this month, a 144-year-old tradition will come to an end when readers receive the last printed edition of The Northern Star.

That is pretty sad, not only for our readers, business owners and the wider community, but also for every staff member who contributed to getting those pages out the door every day.

The tradition of bringing local news that matters to the community however, will continue.


The world is a changing place, and with it, the way we get our news is changing.

So while you may not be able to get a paper version of The Northern Star after June 27, we will continue to bring you the latest in news from across the Northern Rivers online.

Our reporters live on the Northern Rivers and are committed to bringing you the stories that matter.

Our job is to do all we can to make that service the best it can be. But we need your ongoing support as a digital subscriber to make that happen.



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