LETTER: Soon we won't be able to smoke in cars or stick our arm out the window.
LETTER: Soon we won't be able to smoke in cars or stick our arm out the window. Brett Wortman

Freedom lost: soon we won't be able to smoke in cars

JOHN Laws and others have often described Australia as "the lucky country".

One of the reasons is the "freedom we enjoy".

Of course, we enjoy it. There's so little of it. They quote freedom of speech as one. What a lot of bull****, even writing that word may be dangerous. Saying it out loud? Tch! Tch!

A tirade of outspoken profanity can incur criminal charges and punishment, even though every word used is in the dictionary.

Freedom? There are so many restrictions - what you can't do, what you must do.

Let's have a look at a few:

How you dress, you must wear a crash helmet on many occasions like riding a motor bike, a push bike, motor scooter, roller skates, ice skates, on a horse, even when playing polo or cricket... not sure about darts? Don't we own our bodies?

The use of marijuana is illegal yet alcohol and nicotine (equally or less damaging?) is okay.

When we drive we can't talk on the phone.

We have to observe speed limits regardless of our driving ability or the state of the road.

Stay on one side of the road (left, I think) even if the other side is vacant. Wear a seat belt, which restricts various things, shortly won't be able to smoke in our cars. You can't put your arm outside the window to keep cool.

You can't vote until you're 18, and then it's compulsory. Wouldn't it be better if you could vote when you wanted to regardless of age? And the age of consent. Not sure what it is but I think I'm past it. Does this apply to both sexes or only to female? And why?

But back to politics, if you are interested enough in who (apparently) runs the country, and you are intelligent enough to make a sensible decision on for whom to vote, and you can write, are aware of the economic needs of the country, the defence requirements and expenditure potential with regard to the impact of the GMT, the dangers and results of climate change and radiation pollution and the greenhouse effect on the environment, then you will wonder why you bothered to read this stupid bloody letter.

Richard Channell,


Do you want to see smoking in cars banned?

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