The foreshore of Yeppoon, which forms part of the Keppel electorate.PHOTOGRAPH BY GLENN HUNT.
The foreshore of Yeppoon, which forms part of the Keppel electorate.PHOTOGRAPH BY GLENN HUNT.

From the editor’s desk: Live Keppel candidate’s debate

Dear readers,

As polling day for the Queensland Election creeps closer, the political campaigning across the state is ramping up.

From candidates waving corflutes on the side of our region's roads to catch your attention on your morning commute to work, to flashing digital billboards and a seemingly endless stream of social media posts, voters are being bombarded.

With so much being presented, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

So to help make your decision on polling day easier, The Morning Bulletin will on Friday, October 16, offer you the chance to hear straight from the people chasing your vote.

The picturesque Yeppoon foreshore will be the backdrop to a debate among candidates vying for the seat of Keppel.

Sky News host Peter Gleeson will moderate the special debate in the key seat at noon on Friday.

The debate will be live on the Morning Bulletin website, all you need to do is visit and click on the election debate story which will dominate our home page.

This livestreamed debate will provide Keppel residents with the opportunity to hear each candidates' one-minute pitch and provide a forum where we will tackle the issues that matter most to our readers.

Such as the stalled development of the Great Keppel Island resort - a place I have fond memories of visiting growing up in the region.

Or the issues of youth crime, drought and water security, and jobs.

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It will also give candidates the opportunity to share what matters most to them in the lead up to election day on October 31.

We have already heard from candidates fighting for the seat of Rockhampton.

Earlier this month, political reporter Leighton Smith moderated a debate between Rockhampton candidates, that was livestreamed to your website.

You can re-watch that debate for free by clicking here.

Here are some of the most recent stories to come from that debate:

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The Morning Bulletin and Courier-Mail have partnered with Sky News and News Queensland's extensive network of regional titles to deliver the most comprehensive election coverage across the state.

This ensures Queenslanders make an informed decision based on facts when they head to the polls.

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Your Morning Bulletin editor, Melanie Plane