REVENGE PLOT: Capricornia MP Michelle Landry accused former PM Tony Abbott of orchestrating a revenge campaign.
REVENGE PLOT: Capricornia MP Michelle Landry accused former PM Tony Abbott of orchestrating a revenge campaign. Rachael Conaghan

Frustrated Landry accuses Abbott of seeking out revenge

AS THE Federal Government's leadership battle reaches its end game, Capricornia MP Michelle Landry has lashed out at the man she regarded as the culprit.

On arriving at Parliament House yesterday, Ms Landry took a swipe at "Tony Abbott and his mates" claiming his actions were motivated by revenge and lay at the heart of the leadership turmoil currently engulfing the government.

She told the ABC if there was to be a change in leadership, the party should "just do it", allowing parliamentarians to get on with their jobs.

Colleague and Nationals MP Kevin Hogan threatened to move to the cross-bench if Malcolm Turnbull was removed from power.

Ms Landry dismissed Labor's claims that the potential future Australian Prime Minister Peter Dutton had never visited Rockhampton and his negative track record for CQ, saying unlike others, she was more interested in delivering for Central Queenslanders than in speculating on Canberra gossip.

"I toil to deliver for Central Queensland because this is my home," Ms Landry said.

"Under a Coalition Government people who live and work in the regions will always be represented by a party that is 100pc dedicated to regional Australia because we live here in the local community - it's in our DNA.

"By contrast, Labor are just tourists in regional Australia. They visit the regions now and then but then they fly out as soon as they can, back home to their lattes in the city."

Ms Landry said unlike the Nationals, who live and breathe regional Australia, the Labor Party don't understand or truly care about the impact of real issues like health and education because they don't live with the outcomes on matters.

"We care about how our people live and how they get a job, we care how their kids are going at school and we care about the projects they need," she said.

"Projects like Yeppen South, a project considered a 'waste of money' by previous Labor governments but delivered by me and the Coalition Government and we've all seen the value of it during the 2017 floods.

"Projects like the Rookwood Weir, which promises to deliver an economic and jobs boom, the likes of which haven't been seen since the Gold Rush that built Rockhampton."

She said Labor only used regional Australia as a political football to try to win Greens' support by shutting down mining and agriculture, making us all the poorer for the sake of their power.

"Regardless of the various outcomes still available, I will back my record of delivery and the projects of the future I am fighting for to continue growing our economy," Ms Landry said.

"Central Queensland is my home and I will keep working hard for it and everyone in it."