Kelsie Foster shows off the latest fashion trend to hit Rockhampton – Galaxy tights.
Kelsie Foster shows off the latest fashion trend to hit Rockhampton – Galaxy tights. Chris Ison Rokcgalaxy

Galaxies on tights are the fashion

THE latest fashion trend to hit Rockhampton's sale racks comes from a galaxy far, far away.

But that didn't stop Kelsie Foster from getting her hands on a pair, along with seemingly half of Rockhampton.

Foxx Foe assistant manager Mikaela Richter said the Stockland Rockhampton store had sold out of the bright leggings multiple times.

"We sell out basically right away," she said.

"We've even got customer orders.

"People are asking us to hold onto a pair of the leggings for them before we even get them in."

Mikaela said the Galaxy tights were very diverse, with everything from over-sized knitted jumpers to crop tops matching to make the perfect outfit. "Anyone can pull them off," she said.

"They're something fun."

Mikaela said Rockhampton was one of the top Foxx Foe stores in Queensland for Galaxy tight sales.

Manager of new retail store Propaganda, Tara Murray, also named the tights as one of the top fashion trends this year.

For the upcoming season, Tara said styles from the 1980s and '90s were very popular for the fellas.

Coloured skinny jeans and chinos, button up shirts and boat shoes were some of Tara's top picks for guys.

For the women, Tara and Mikaela both said neon was making a real comeback.

Tara said floral denim, studding and high waists were also going to be big this spring.

"The guys and girls in Rockhampton are getting cool," Tara said.

"We're a little bit of an indie city now."



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