Gamechanging plan for community to own renewable energy

A GAMECHANGING community-driven approach towards rolling out renewable energy will be introduced by Luke Reade to Capricorn Coast locals at a forum planned for the end of September.

Thanks to an invitation from Yeppoon residents, Brisbane-based president of Energetic Communities, Mr Read was visting the region to talk about how they could be involved in a community-owned renewable energy project like the 99 currently operating worldwide.

Mr Read, along with Nicky Ison from the Community Power Agency will host the Community Energy Forum and an introductory workshop on community-0wned renewable energy in partnership with 350 Central Queensland and Capricorn Coast Landcare.

He said CORE was different in that the community raises funds to finance a renewable energy installation, whether it's solar, wind, biodiesel or any other renewable energy resource.

Potential energy generating projects would vary depending on the needs of the community, geographic and financial factors.

The premise behind a community-owned energy generator was setting up a local organisation, identifying a suitable location (like the rooftop of a business) and energy source (like solar), seeking local investors, and managing the project to receive the economic benefits.

They would sell the energy to the attached business at a rate cheaper than the price charged by the energy retailer for 10 years with plan for the the business given the free energy after that point for the remaining lifetime of the energy generator.

Livingstone Shire Council is helping to promote the forum as part of the Sustainable Livingstone Expo planned for Sunday, September 29.