‘I think I might have hit Nathan in the head’

Nathan Garriock was pronounced dead at 1.37am on June 15, 2003. His death certificate states he was killed by a motor vehicle where he sustained massive head injuries.

But Nathan's mother Joan questioned this almost immediately, even as Nathan's body lay on the hospital bed, because she could see he had no other injuries on his body.

When the homicide detectives arrived at her door hours later, she asked them, "How do you know that Nathan was hit by the car? I said 'Wouldn't he have any injuries on him or anything broken or anything?'"

And she was right. Nathan didn't have any other broken bones, giving some a clue as to what really happened to him that night.

The Holden Commodore that ploughed through the crowd of partygoers.
The Holden Commodore that ploughed through the crowd of partygoers.

It would take a few days for police to drop the bombshell. Nathan did not die from injuries sustained from the impact of the car.

The autopsy conducted on June 16, 2003 revealed Nathan died from injuries to the front and side of his head.

The dimension of the injuries indicates Nathan was struck by a blunt object. According to police, it was possibly a long piece of timber, like the ones that were used by the partygoers to fend off the gate crashers.

Medical reports and police evidence verify Nathan was attacked from behind and he died from two massive blows to the back of his head.

Who killed Nathan Garriock?
Who killed Nathan Garriock?

It was a few days after Nathan's death when his friends gathered at the Garriock family home, talking about Nathan and grieving together.

One of his friends approached Joan in the kitchen, crying uncontrollably and said to Joan, "I think I might have hit Nathan in the head".

Joan says she didn't think anything of it at that time because they were still convinced the car had killed Nathan.

Now, 15 years later, the Garriocks still have no answers and don't know what to make of his friend's confession.

If you know anything about the death of Nathan Garriock, you can make an anonymous phone call to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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