'G'day mate, would you chill the beer for me...''

11th January 2017 8:24 AM

''G'day mate, can you chill the beer and crank up the ice machine, we're having a party.''

It's not the sort of thing you could expect to say to a fridge and get much of a response.

But with the fridges of the future, including Samsung's Family Hub 2.0, which now has voice control, we can expect be talking more in the kitchen, even if there's not a soul around.

'Hi Samsung' are the opening commands to get your fridge's attention. But you can change that to whatever you want.

Whirlpool is also in the smart devices business.

At the sprawling consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, CES 2017, it showed off a scanner for frozen food which will send instructions to your smart microwave or convention oven on exactly how to cook it.

If you're not happy with the result, you can customise the cooking and it will remember it for next time.

It's also crowd funded a food scraps recycler which will turn a week's worth into fine, odourless compost for your garden in 24 hours.

It follows on the success of its beer fermentor and dispenser system for aspiring home brewers, called Vessi - which can ferment, carbonate and dispense home-brewed beer in as little as seven days.

A Samsung representative demonstrates Family Hub 2.0 - the new fridge with voice control - at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.
A Samsung representative demonstrates Family Hub 2.0 - the new fridge with voice control - at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Mark Furler

LG turned plenty of heads with its new robot assistance for the home which will tell you everything from what the weather is going to be like to telling your vacuum cleaner to get to work.

LG showed of a concept lawn mowing bot, while Samsung and LG have made some good improvements to their stand up and robotic vacuum cleaners.

Tim Baxter, Samsung's US president told more than 2000 media that Samsung's vision for future homes was one powered by connected and elegantly-designed products and services that put consumers firmly at the centre.

It will launch a massive new washer and dry combo, FlexWash and FlexDry which allows you to do four loads at once, including in a 5.0 cubic ft front load washer.

Samsung's range on show at its launch at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.
Samsung's range on show at its launch at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Supplied

There another cubic foot in a separate compartment on the top for washing smaller loads separately from the main load.

The FlexDry device can also do your main items in the bigger load and then dry more delicate items in the top of the dryer.

Samsung's smart fridge will include a new app to help family stay connected - whether it be shared diaries, chores, or family photos or drawings which can be displayed on the 21.5" LED touchscreen.

Whirlpool's smart devices will run through Google Amazon using the Alexa artificial intelligence platform.

Devices also use a service called Nest which, for example, will turn the oven off for you if you leave it on when you head home.

Whirlpool, which had been a household name in laundy in Australia years ago, is moving back into that sector.

It's innovative food recycler, which came out of its WLABS innovation unit, uses baking soda and coconut husks to turn food waste into something useful.


In coming years, we can expect more innovations in the kitchen, lounge room and beyond.

Let's just hope all these devices don't get in the way of the most important connections of all - with our loved ones.

The writer travelled to CES 2017 in Las Vegas as a guest of Samsung Australia