James Lindley and Steve Wilson take a cruise in the 1965 HQ Holden
James Lindley and Steve Wilson take a cruise in the 1965 HQ Holden

Generous Holden fan’s touching gesture to cancer sufferer

JAMES is a HR fan and Steve a HQ man but, at the end of the day, they're both mad about Holdens.

When Steve Wilson read in The Morning Bulletin about James Lindley's battle with cancer, he offered to take him for a spin in his '65.

Friday afternoon, the pair took a cruise out along Emu Park Road, stopping at St Christopher's Chapel.

Mr Lindley is a local history buff who has written several essays about Rockhampton sites including the chapel and the plinth on which 'Madame Thozet's statue' used to stand.

James Lindley and Madame Thozet's Statue reunited
James Lindley and Madame Thozet's Statue reunited

"The ride was so comfortable; I couldn't hear any shaking or rattling, only the roar of the V8 and the road," Mr Lindley said.

The HQ is a remake of the car Mr Wilson swapped a Landcruiser for in the 80s, when he moved into town from working out west.

But the love of gutsy ­engines is not the only thing the two men have in common.

Mr Wilson's life was turned upside down last year when his wife was diagnosed with ­cancer.

And he has a mate in Emu Park who can't drive his GTS because of his chemotherapy.

"A few of us in the Holden Club took a trip out there to see him last month, and get his car out of the shed for a day," he said.

Mr Lindley used to race at the Rockhampton speedway and once rode a motorcycle across Europe and Africa.

"The thing about driving these Holdens is it's daring but you're in control," he said.

"Unlike if you jumped out a place and your parachute didn't open… then you could put out half the fires in Rockhampton."

Mr Lindley was also treated to a surprise reunion with a monument he saw while growing up close to Thozet Creek.

One of his essays, published in The Morning Bulletin last week, dealt with the mystery surrounding the statue's relocation, leaving behind just the plinth.

It turns out that 'Madame Thozet's Statue' was relocated to a private property many years ago after the Rockhampton Regional Council and historic association declined to rescue it.

Mr Lindley said that getting to see the statue again was like "putting a full stop at the end of a sentence", and he was ­grateful to Mr Wilson for the drive.

"I'll probably never get the chance again."