Michelle Landry
Michelle Landry Chris Ison

Gillard government under fire from LNP for massive overspend

LNP CANDIDATE, Michelle Landry said the Federal Government had spent $191 billion more than it raised.

Ms Landry said $300 million was needed to upgrade the Yeppen floodplain and could be paid for in six days with the $50 million being spent on interest repayments every day.

"This Budget does nothing to help deal with cost of living pressures, economic uncertainty and poor services," she said.

She said the biggest concerns were total gross debt to breach the $300 billion debt ceiling in coming years with no credible path back to surplus; at least a $4.7 billion blowout in the management of Australia's borders since last year's budget; new borrowings of $49 million every day, and more than $25 billion in higher taxes.

"Families and businesses have to live within their means, but this government doesn't," she said.