Isabella and CK Wei with their friends on GKI last month.
Isabella and CK Wei with their friends on GKI last month.

GKI: Why we bought our own island paradise

FOR years it's been understood that Great Keppel Island's leases would most likely be sold to an Asian company but the woman at the heart of Wei Chau's decision, Isabella Wei, is Australian.

She grew up in Australia and returned to Singapore at 20-years-old then travelled between both countries.

She says the story behind the sale is "really interesting, because not many people believe what I'm saying".

Isabella and CK Wei have five children aged between one-year-old and 22, who also grew up here.

"We wanted to go to Hamilton Island so we took some time out," Mrs Wei said.

"But Cyclone Debbie hit the next day so we were stuck at Airlie Beach for two weeks.

"The kids were upset as they had to go back to school."

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It was then that Mrs Wei's husband, CK Wei suggested after investing in a lot of people, it was time to invest in themselves.

"He said we should buy an island in Australia and build a resort so we could go any time," she said.

"I didn't take it seriously at first but I thought I'd try my luck.

"I looked online for islands for sale and saw GKI."

Knight Frank Rockhampton partner, Pat O'Driscoll replied to Mrs Wei's request and she had everything explained to her husband.

"He said it was so beautiful, he could see the island we wanted," she said.

He said this would be the next Maldives and I said 'Darling you haven't been there'.

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"Pat invited us over ... we believe a lot in fate and when we went to the island we fell in love straight away.

"I could hear the trees calling me saying 'I want to be beautiful again'.

"I'm just so excited ... together we can bring the glory again to Great Keppel Island.

"I believe it's a dream that everyone wants to see."