Gladstone, meet Mr Average: data reveals population make-up

QUEENSLAND Regional Profiles have released statistics outlining the median profile of those we live with.

The Gladstone Regional Local Government Area, is home to an estimated population of 61,267 people, with a median age of 31.5 years.

A profile collated under society, industry and development, economy and demography provide a window of statistical variety.

Men aged 25 to 54 are our largest population group, representing 44.1%.

The data reveals a below state average for our older generation, with 9.1% aged 65 years or older.

Compared with the Queensland average of 13.3%, it would seem those of retirement age are relocating out of the region.

An assumed net migration of 711 people were welcomed over an annual period, with a natural increase of 638 - culminating to a total annual increase to population of 1349.

Births to mothers with a postcode indicating a usual residence in Gladstone was calculated at 895 bubs throughout the year.

The unemployment rate for our region was also below the state average, at 4.8% as at the September quarter of 2013.

The figure equates to a total of 1658 unemployed persons, comprising only 1.12% of the total unemployed in Queensland.

Supplementary information provides a closer scrutiny into the specifics of our male-dominated region.

Males aged 31.5 years, who are first home buyers, with 2.1 vehicles represent the largest demographic.

If you are a non-smoker and tip the scales at 83.6kg, congratulations, you are completely average.

Population facts

  • Population density of 0.06 persons per hectare
  • Gladstonites are predominantly 35 year-old men, trade qualified.
  • 90.7% of our region identify as Australian, with English or Irish connections.
TYPICAL BLOKE: Jade Kenzler fits the mould of the average Gladstonian.
TYPICAL BLOKE: Jade Kenzler fits the mould of the average Gladstonian. Mike Richards GLA220114AVER

Typical prototype of a Gladstone resident enjoys the town's lifestyle

IF YOU ARE a 35-year-old male tradesman, you are the typical prototype of a Gladstone resident.

Another two ticks if you are a non-smoker and own your own home.

Jade Kenzler fits this description to a tee.

The 35-year-old process technician at Boyne Smelters Limited has recently purchased his first family home in the Gladstone region with wife Alana.

The pair moved to the Port City in 2007 from Bundaberg, and are presently living their lives in accordance to a five-year plan.

"I like the lifestyle Gladstone offers," he said.

"You can take the kids to the marina or the esplanade, but it could do with some play centres."

Typically also, Jade chose to strike while the iron was hot, in pursuit of a great work opportunity, the position he occupies seven years on, 'making aluminium'.

Working a 48-hour week, Jade is just shy of the 50-hour median workload, but he loves it.

"I work four weekends off, four weekends on," he said.

"I'm pretty happy with my roster and it makes all the difference."

Three children - Logan, Ava and Jaykob, aged nine, seven and five - and a turtle named Squirt round up the Kenzler household, where there's a shared passion for all things sport and Pearl Jam.