Wife lands QAL job after husband 'raves' about work

TWENTY-seven-year-old Katie Ferrier went from a clean office job to getting her green Queensland Alumina Limited high-vis uniform dirty everyday and she couldn't be happier.

The second-year electrical instrumentation apprentice moved to Gladstone from Townsville with her husband Ben to be closer to her family after he was made redundant.

The move turned out to be a masterstroke for the couple who now both work at QAL and have the time to see their family.

Katie Ferrier only wanted to work at QAL after hearing how much her husband raved about the refinery.
FOCUSSED: Katie Ferrier only wanted to work at QAL. Queensland Alumina Limited

Ben was the first one to get a job at the alumina refinery while Katie worked in an administration role for a property valuation company.

"I only applied for a position at QAL, nowhere else, because my husband would rave about it," she said.

"He would always talk about how family orientated the company is.

"I was stoked when I found out I was given the apprenticeship (in 2015)."

She said the job is very different from what she used to do.

"It's very hands-on. There is always something different and you're not doing the same old thing every day," she said.

"To be honest (the apprenticeship) is really difficult but if it is something you enjoy you won't mind.

"As an adult you have to prioritise your study and I didn't think it would be as difficult as it is."

Katie Ferrier rarely sees her husband at work.
Katie Ferrier rarely sees her husband at work. Queensland Alumina Limited

And the programme allowed Katie to learn skills she should wouldn't be able to get anywhere else, as she learnt about the refining process and given knowledge from QAL tradespeople in her dual-trade.

But none of those from her husband Ben who is a process operator.

"We move around the plant every six months and in my first six months I was in digestion where he was but then we moved on and now I don't see him," she said.

"I don't mind that, we leave work at work."

QAL is accepting applications for new apprentices.