Adrian Boughton escaped from the Capricornia Correctional Centre Low Security Prison Farm
Adrian Boughton escaped from the Capricornia Correctional Centre Low Security Prison Farm Trinette Stevens

Glendale family gets surprise visit from prison escapee

UPDATE: A GLENDALE resident has spoken about the unexpected visit his family received from an escaped prisoner overnight.

Bruce Giles told 7 News Central Queensland Adrian Boughton was dehydrated and weak when he knocked on their door last night.

"He said that he was an escaped prisoner and wanted us to call the police,” Mr Giles said.

"He was pretty sweaty and pretty exhausted, his legs were a bit scratched up he said.

"Basically he was just looking for a good bed for the night I think.”

Mr Giles said Boughton drank water from a garden hose and took a few bites of an apple, but could not finish it.

UPDATE: ADRIAN Boughton has been sentenced to six months in prison following his escape from Capricornia Correctional Centre early yesterday.

His parole eligibility date is now August 11, 2017.

It would have been a hard blow for Boughton, who prior to his escape, was looking at a release date in early June.

The Rockhampton Magistrates Court this morning heard it was a culmination of factors which triggered the prisoner's "foolish decision”, including issues a close family member was having at home.

INTIAL: AT 10PM last night Rockhampton police received a phone call saying escaped convict Adrian Boughton wanted to hand himself in.

A Glendale resident called police to say Boughton was at the front of his address, calm and wanting to surrender to police.

It had been a culmination of factors which triggered Boughton's 'foolish decision to escape' from the Capricorn Correctional Centre earlier that day.

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Defence Lawyer Bryce Younger told the Rockhampton Magistrates Court this morning his client was suffering depression and anxiety.

Mr Younger said Boughton, who was wearing a faded green T-shirt as he pleaded guilty to three charges including escape lawful custody and contravention of two court orders, had recently learnt he was likely to be sentenced on fresh charges which would extend his time in prison.

Also, Boughton's relatives had advised him a close family member was going through a particularly tough time.

"He was not thinking about his actions,” Mr Younger said.

"He made the foolish snap decision to escape. He didn't go far and handed himself in and has cooperated fully.

"He knows what he has done is wrong and he is remorseful. He knows he will now face a longer sentence and has no intention of doing this again.

"He plans to get his depression in check so this doesn't re-occur.”

Police Prosecutor Josh McLennan said Boughton's absence from the correctional centre's farm facility was discovered after a routine check around 7.30am.

Magistrate Cameron Press has adjourned the matter until 1.45pm while pre-sentence custody is established.

Boughton, who was serving time for robbery with actual violence, told the court he understood he was to be released from prison in June before this recent incident.