Symon and Adam react to Michael Jackson claims on Gogglebox.
Symon and Adam react to Michael Jackson claims on Gogglebox.

Gogglebox stars reveal reason they left

GOGGLEBOX favourites Adam and Symon have revealed why they left the show, saying they wanted to "pursue other exciting opportunities".

The funny men, who have been on the show for 10 seasons, announced on Sunday they would not be returning for season 11 of the Foxtel show, which hits screens early next year, much to the devastation of their fans.

Speaking on their podcast, The Adam & Symon Show, the friends have gone into more detail about their decision to leave, saying they made the call two months ago.

"We're really excited, it's really sad (though), I was flat on Sunday, I was really flat," Symon said.

Adam and Symon were Gogglebox favourites.
Adam and Symon were Gogglebox favourites.

"So we made this decision a couple months ago that we were going to leave so we could do other stuff, pursue other exciting opportunities."

"It's been five years and 10 seasons, it's a nice round number," Adam added.

The duo said they hoped to pave careers in TV and radio, much like their former castmates Angie and Yvie, who appeared on I'm A Celebrity and The Bachelorette.

Some fans were speculating they could be featuring on Channel 10's ucpoming season of I'm A Celebrity, which hits screens in January.

"We hope the show will keep growing and getting better, but it's the right time for us to go," Adam said.

"Hopefully, this isn't the end for us. Hopefully, there's some stuff in the future … radio, TV, where we'll still be in your ears and in front of your eyes. That's the aim."

Discussing their best memories over the last few years, Adam revealed he had an excruciating awkward moment with sports journalist Mel McLaughlin at the Logies one year.



"The best moment was sneaking into the Logies, that was fun. It was after season 2 I think, and then I got food poisoning at the Logies. We got the negative reinforcement that we shouldn't have been there.

"I'm sure Mel McLaughlin's not listening to this, but if I was brief in our encounter it's because I was throwing up in my mouth thanks to a dirty burrito."

Rounding out their chat, the pair thanked fans and viewers for supporting them during their stint on the show.

"People would come up and say, 'I want to thank you because I watch the show with my kids every week, the whole family sits down and watches this show together', and that made me feel really good," Symon said.

"The show is pretty amazing, it's a humbling experience to be a part of it, to have people say they enjoy watching you when you would really be sitting on the couch doing it anyway. We appreciate it," Adam added.

Gogglebox returns to Foxtel and Channel 10 next year