Doctor Shafiul Milky is accused of sexual misconduct and has been suspended again.
Doctor Shafiul Milky is accused of sexual misconduct and has been suspended again.

GP accused of sex assaults suspended

A doctor accused of sexual misconduct who has continued to practise in the region has again had his medical registration suspended.

Shafiul Milky was recently charged with multiple sexual offences including rape.

The Addy recently revealed a patient of Dr Milky's was alarmed to find the doctor was still practising last month while facing criminal charges.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency this week updated his registration status to suspended.

Despite serious allegations of sexual misconduct levelled against him, he continued to practise at Colac Medical Centre in recent weeks.

A Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal hearing involving Dr Milky and the Medical Board of Australia that was planned for Monday did not proceed as scheduled.

AHPRA would not provide commentary on Dr Milky's suspension.

He was employed at Peninsula Family Medical Practice in Ocean Grove ­until mid last year.

Shafiul Milky (left). Picture: Facebook
Shafiul Milky (left). Picture: Facebook

The Medical Board of Australia suspended his registration in September 2019, after it received complaints.

The board has the power to suspend practitioners facing serious misconduct allegations while those allegations are unresolved.

But Dr Milky won the right to again practice when VCAT granted a stay in November last year after the GP complained of financial hardship.

Dr Milky, of Highton, denied the allegations.

He fronted Geelong Magistrates Court last month charged with 15 offences.

The charges included two counts of rape, along with multiple counts of indecent assault and sexual assault.

The rape allegations stem from two separate incidents in October 2017 and March 2018 where Dr Milky is accused of having digitally penetrated a woman on both occasions "under the guise of performing a legitimate medical procedure".

The allegations span a period from September 2012 to February 2019.

Earlier this month, a spokesperson for AHPRA said public protection was its number one priority.

"In light of the recent criminal charges and the seriousness of the alleged conduct, the Board has made an application to the tribunal to have the stay of its decision to suspend lifted (and the suspension reinforced)," the spokeswoman said at the time.

"This application is listed for hearing shortly.

"AHPRA and the Board's enquiries into this matter are continuing."

If a practitioner's registration is suspended, they are not eligible to practise, the AHPRA website says.

"A tribunal has the power to suspend a practitioner's registration as a result of a hearing," it said.

"A National Board also has the power to suspend a practitioner's registration pending other assessment or action, if it believes there is serious risk to the health and safety of the public from the practitioner's continued practice of the profession, and that suspension is necessary to protect the public from that risk."

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