Aniek Fletcher has started a business helping people learn technology called Tech Teacher CQ.
Aniek Fletcher has started a business helping people learn technology called Tech Teacher CQ.

Gracemere mum’s new business helps others learn technology

LEARNING new technology can be daunting but Gracemere’s Aniek Fletcher is here to help.

The Gracemere mum of two has started up a new business, Tech Teacher CQ.

The business is aimed at providing one-on-one, custom support for mobile, tablet and smartphone devices.

Aniek formerly worked in a telecommunications store and saw people get quite nervous when they were told they would have to get a new phone.

“They just get really anxious and scared - I have had people cry just at the thought of having to learn a new device,” she said.

“People feel so lost.”

While Aniek tried to help, she was bound by the constraints of her job and was often on a time limit.

With two young children aged two and five at home, Aniek was getting fed up working weekends and thought more about starting up her own business.

She said she found a gap in the market of undivided attention and specialised help in technology support.

Some people may not have family or their family is too far away to help.

“There are a lot of places you can go to for help but no one that sits with you and says throw whatever you have on the table, and what do you want to know, and actually teaches you how to do it,” she said.

“I will be able to help customers the way I want to, I won’t have to rush them out of the door, so they actually leave satisfied.”

Aniek doesn’t just offer support for new devices but also how to fix something that may have broken, or even things like setting up a new email account.

“If you have a phone or computer that doesn’t work, it’s really frustrating and you feel a bit hopeless,” she said.

“There is lots of things people can do with tablets and phones they don’t even know they can do and it can make their lives so much easier.”

During times like this when families spread apart and weren’t able to visit each other, technology was so vital, Aniek said.

She is well versed in video calling as her family lives in the Netherlands.

Aniek came to Australia in 2012, landing in Dysart where she worked at the BP service station.

A few weeks later she met a man who is now her husband and they have two children together.

“Video calling and staying in contact via the internet is important and if you don’t know how to do a video call you wouldn’t have been able to see your family for a long time,” she said.


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