HOPE DIMINISHED: Kay and Terry Donoghue went to the rehab facility with hope and left disappointed.
HOPE DIMINISHED: Kay and Terry Donoghue went to the rehab facility with hope and left disappointed.

Grandparents' hope destroyed at Rocky's rehab forum

AMONGST the crowd of outraged hecklers, Yeppoon grandparents Kay and Terry Donoghue sat silent and heartbroken at Thursday night's community consultation for the Rockhampton drug rehabilitation facility.

The audience's outrage pushed the glimmer of hope they had for their family reuniting further away.

They've watched a grandchild attempt to fight a drug addiction multiple times but with no residential rehabilitation facility in Central Queensland, their efforts have failed time and time again.

Mrs Donoghue said a rehabilitation facility in Rockhampton would not only change her family's lives but also would save others from suffering the same fate.

"Our grandchild has been attempting to go off by themself but if there had of been a detox or rehab it would've been a completely different story for them," Mrs Donoghue said.

The addiction has torn their family apart.

"Never in a million years did we think anything like that would ever happen to us," she said.

Mrs Donoghue was saddened by the crowd's reaction for the drug facility - every delay the facility experienced stood in between local addicts accessing help.

"All these people are being stirred up by fear and it's awful. The problem is huge," she said.

Neighbouring residents of Edenbrook and Riverside estate voiced their concerns at the forum, fearing the 14ha site's close proximity to neighbouring properties.

Treatment services at the site will include 32-beds for individual residential rehabilitation, an eight bed withdrawal management unit and two family units, which will allow children to stay alongside their parents undergoing treatment.

Kay said she lives on a six-acre block and never sees or hears her neighbours.

While she acknowledged their concerns she doubted the residential facility would affect the neighbourhood.

She hoped a solution for the location debate would come soon to give addicts access to help before it was too late.