'Grantham flood carried tractor at up to 100kmh'

A FORMER truck driver has told the Grantham flood inquiry that floodwater carried a tractor past his house at up to 100kmh.

Rising water from the January 10, 2011 flood which killed 12 people forced Ian William Pinkerton and his family onto the roof of his house, off Gatton-Helidon Rd.

Mr Pinkerton told the inquiry the water came in the house's front door and smashed the windows.

A rescue helicopter later came to winch the family off the flat roof, but Mr Pinkerton said they were in no danger so they waved the chopper on.

They took refuge on the roof for more than seven hours.

One of the key elements the inquiry will consider is the impact natural and human-made landscape, including the Grantham sand quarry, had on the flood.

Mr Pinkerton said despite an earlier inquiry finding the quarry had no material influence on the flood, he and other Grantham residents believed it made the flood worse.

Mr Pinkerton once worked at the quarry, but was fired.

He told the inquiry he was not a disgruntled former employee and although he felt his sacking had been unfair, it did not influence his belief the quarry played a major role.

The hearing will continue for five weeks.

Inquiry Commissioner Walter Sofronoff will give a report to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk by August 31.