Grantham flood inquiry draws to a close

GRANTHAM residents are satisfied their concerns surrounding the deadly 2011 flood event have finally been addressed but are still angry they were not listened to in the first place.

The Commission of Inquiry into the Grantham Floods heard final submissions on Tuesday before Commissioner Walter Sofronoff hands down his findings later this month.

The inquiry has heard from 41 witnesses, including five experts and focused heavily on the role Wagner's Quarry may have played in the flood.

Many residents had long held the view the quarry held back a large body of water before a dam wall gave way and sent a large wave towards Grantham.

But the inquiry has heard evidence the Wagner's Quarry did not contribute significantly to the height and intensity of the flood which struck on January 10, 2011 - killing 12 townsfolk in the process.

A final submission on behalf of many Grantham residents said the inquiry had answered several concerns they had held for more than four years.

They were critical of the fact it had taken more than four years and another inquiry before their concerns were listened to.

"The passage of time without the resolution of these issues has been very difficult for the residents of Grantham," the submission said.

"The large number of public submissions also demonstrates how significant an issue this was for the people of the Lockyer Valley and for Queenslanders generally.

"It must also be noted that the passage of time has inevitably made this investigation harder than it would have been closer to the time of the flood. "Memories fade, records are harder to obtain and views can become entrenched."