Grantham flood inquiry to hear from Nine's pilot

THE expert who investigated what caused the power pole at the Grantham quarry to snap during the 2011 flood will give evidence at the inquiry.

Some Lockyer Valley locals claim the quarry worsened the flood which killed 12 people.

The author of the timber utility pole report will be one of three people to testify at the hearing in Gatton on Monday.

The second witness will be a resident and the third will be Channel 9's chief pilot, who will give evidence about flight times.

Next week the inquiry is also expected to hear from police officers.

One of the issues Commissioner Walter Sofronoff will consider is how emergency services and State Government agencies handled eyewitness accounts.

On Thursday afternoon, lawyers at the inquiry agreed none of the witnesses set down for Friday was required and chose to adjourn the hearing until Monday, August 3.