Python eats neighbours cat

GRAPHIC VIDEO WARNING: Snake preys on roaming cat

WARNING: Video and story contains information that may distress some readers.

A SNAKE has been caught on video making a meal of a local cat, its feast captured by the wrangler called in to remove it.

The Brisbane snake catcher took a call for help after a carpet python discovered a cat exploring a few local yarns in a southern suburb.

Snake Out Brisbane owner and operator Janne Torkkola is also a zoologist.

There was little he could do after he turned up, so he simply observed the spectacle.

"Unfortunately by the time we arrived the cat was long gone and being swallowed, so there was little for us to do than wait and watch, after all why waste a good meal and a lot of effort from a native animal which is more often on the receiving end of such action?" he wrote on YouTube.

"Also, a great opportunity to film the jaw-dislocating antics of an amazing predator, and a reminder to keep your pets enclosed. Particularly cats, particularly at night!"

Mr Torkkola told Fairfax they filmed the snake's feast while having a cup of coffee.

He said the people who called were "suprised and a little bit frightened" but were reassured with the knowledge the snake was not venomous.

"By the time we got there he had already constricted the cat and was starting to swallow from the head first so there was nothing we could do for the cat so we thought we would just sit there and wait.

"We thought we should at least let the python get a meal out of it because it does take them a lot of energy to get something down of that size."