Gary having great fun being in One Night of Queen show

GARY Mullen never thought he sounded like anyone else, he was just being himself.

But after years of people telling him his sound was identical to Freddie Mercury; and a push to go on a reality TV show, Gary couldn't be more thankful.

He has lived the role of Freddie Mercury for the past 12 years in the show, One Night of Queen.

Speaking to The Morning Bulletin from Kansas, USA, Gary tells us how he got into singing and what he loves best about his gig as Freddie.

The rock singer first got started by playing in a band in Scotland.

That's where fans quickly caught on to his familiar sounding voice.

"It was always other people telling me 'sing we will rock you' and we'd do it in our band and people would say you sound like Freddie," Gary explained.

It was when his wife and mother entered him into the reality singing show, Stars in Their Eyes, without his knowing, that would change his life.

"My day job went and I was out performing (after winning the show)," Gary said.

"To this day I just hear me, though."

One Night of Queen will perform at the Pilbeam Theatre on June 17. Photo: Contributed
One Night of Queen will perform at the Pilbeam Theatre on June 17. Photo: Contributed Contributed

But for Gary, Freddie is one of his heroes.

"I think he's the full package, writing amazing songs, singing and holding an audience in the palm of his hand," Gary said.

"Not many artists that can still do that."

And Gary couldn't be more thrilled to take on the role of Queen with his band.

Gary laughs as he describes the show as the "most fun you can have with your clothes on".

"One night an audience might be clapping and other nights they go crazy and it's a standing concert," Gary said.

The show has been a worldwide success after running for the past 12 years.

The band has played all over Europe and South Africa and are wrapping up a tour in the US.

"You come to America and a lot of Americans didn't get the fact that Queen were dressed up in drag. They were horrified by it, (but) only now they are getting the jokes from 30 years ago," Gary said.

"There's (this) love affair with Queens in the US."

Despite having been with the show since 2002, Gary can't imagine doing anything else in life.

"(I'll keep going) as long as I can," the 40-year-old said.

"We are sex, drugs and rock n' roll - without the sex and drugs, we take care of ourselves," Gary laughed.

Besides the music, one of the best parts of performing Queen's hits for Gary, is to see the crowds. "When you do the show and see kids in the audience you think 'how do you know these songs', it must be their parents," Gary said,

"(The audience) is from eight to 80; you have full families, students, kids, couples, you can't tell what you're going to get night to night."

As for Gary and his band, it's about having fun on stage and trying to make each performance their best.

"Queen's music is timeless and still a massive market for it. Speaking for the band, we've always worked hard on the show and make it better ever year," Gary said.

"I love the music and watching people have a good time; it basically makes you want to play air guitar, sing along. It's like a rock concert."


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