George Christensen at the pro-coal event in Mackay, April 2019.
George Christensen at the pro-coal event in Mackay, April 2019. Emma Murray

'DISGRACEFUL': Green group plans to bombard Mackay business

COMMUNITY leaders have condemned a green group's plan to bombard a Mackay business supplying Adani's Carmichael Mine with a "week of action".

In an email to supporters, Mackay Conservation Group said engineering company GHD was helping Adani "design its climate-wrecking coal mine" and called on the community to protest against the company on Thursday.

"We're going to let GHD know that if they support Adani, we don't support them," the email stated.

"Any contractor that works with Adani is helping to fuel climate change, drain our precious groundwater and threaten endangered species like the black-throated finch."

Dawson MP George Christensen said he was "disgusted" to learn green activists would be targeting Mackay businesses and called on the community to "bombard the Mackay Conservation Group with phone calls".

"I'm not surprised, but I'm still disgusted," he said.

"We're going to see a lot of businesses that get work out of Carmichael Mine targeted.

"I think that enough is enough and they've got to realise the war is over."

Shadow Mines Minister Dale Last said the planned action was a "disgraceful attack" on a legitimate businesses providing jobs to North Queenslanders.

"The majority of Queenslanders have no appetite for what these protesters are doing and I would think that most Mackay residents would be less than impressed that this group have brought protest activities to their community," Mr Last said.

"I'd call on the Mackay community to support all the businesses associated with the Carmichael Mine project, because at the end of the day, they are providing jobs and are helping to keep our economy afloat."

Resource Industry Network general manager Adrienne Rourke said the community had spoken at the federal election about supporting thermal and metallurgical coal mining in the Galilee Basin.

"Everyone has a right to their opinion, but there are multiple business in Mackay that are working for Adani and other mines running in the region," Ms Rourke said.

"I think if you looked at the numbers ... it's a very small percentage of people in this region who have this (anti-Adani) view."

The Daily Mercury contacted GHD's Mackay office for comment, but it declined to respond.

In a statement, an Adani spokeswoman said the mining giant did not " routinely discuss who our contractors and business partners are" to protect them from becoming the targets of activists.

"Legitimate, law-abiding businesses should be able to conduct their day-to-day business free of harassment," the spokeswoman.

"Some of the businesses we are working with are family-owned and operated. All they're asking for is a fair go."

Mackay Conservation Group community organiser for the Stop Adani Campaign, Emma Barrett, said Thursday's protest would be "peaceful action".

She said the group decided to take "climate action" after discovering GHD Engineering were helping design the Carmichael Mine.

"All around Queensland they are doing different action ... here in Mackay we're going to keep it very nice," Ms Barrett said.

"Especially after the election, we don't want to keep the feeling like it's 'us and them'."