The fire at Adelaide River was ignited on Dorat Rd. PIC: GENERIC
The fire at Adelaide River was ignited on Dorat Rd. PIC: GENERIC

Greens pitch Qld levy to pay for firies

Bushfires across Queensland are being exacerbated by climate change and one politician wants fossil fuel companies to pay for it.

Michael Berkman wants to take $890 million over three years from the billions in profits being made by coal and gas companies to help the state in the face of bigger and more regular fires.

Homes have been flattened, large swathes of land charred, and communities thrown into chaos by fires that have gripped the drought-stricken state for weeks.

"Big fossil fuel corporations are making billions of dollars pumping out dangerous carbon pollution, driving global warming and making our fire seasons longer and more destructive," Mr Berkman said.

"So it's only right they pay their fair share to deal with the consequences."

The sole Greens MP in state parliament has pitched a levy on all coal and gas corporations via a $1 royalty premium he says could be spent lifting the number of full time paid firefighters by 1400 people.

The levy would also establish a permanent aerial firefighting fleet, better resource the Rural Fire Service and another 200 people under the state governments Indigenous Rangers program.

Rangers would work with officials and authorities to carry out hazard reduction burns based on traditional land management practices.