Jayde Alfred Schackow pleaded guilty to serious assault of a person aged over 60.
Jayde Alfred Schackow pleaded guilty to serious assault of a person aged over 60.

Grub jailed after spitting at 80-year-old man

CHECKING up on noise in the street outside his home, an 80-year-old man was assaulted when an aggressive intruder yelled abuse and then spat at his face.

Spittle went through a screen door and landed on the elderly man's mouth and nasal area.

His abuser was Jayde Schackow, whose strange behaviour banging noisily on doors in the street in Springfield Lakes caused worried residents to call police, an Ipswich court heard.

Appearing for sentence at Ipswich Magistrates Court via video-link from jail, Jayde Alfred Schackow, 33, from Bellbird Park, pleaded guilty to serious assault of a person aged over 60 at Springfield Lakes on Saturday, May 30; committing public nuisance; and obstructing police.

The elderly man heard a disturbance at 7.30pm and looking outside his home saw a man banging on garage doors and hitting parked cars.

In evidence put by prosecutor Sergeant Rose Molinaro, the man told police the offender was clad in a black T-shirt and missing a front tooth.

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The intruder Schackow shouted aggressively at him and tried to open the locked screen door while calling him "a f**ing c**t" and "a dobber".

The worried elderly man told him to leave but Schackow spat toward his face.

Spittle struck the screen door with some striking the 80-year-old's face around his mouth and nasal area.

Just minutes before this assault Schackow was seen kicking a fence and attempting to get inside the car of a Domino's pizza deliverer.

He had also grabbed a person but was himself pushed over when the person defended himself.

Police found Schackow in a front yard 200m away.

His defence lawyer told the court that Schackow had been in jail since May 30 and because of COVID measures he had been in lockdown with no family visits.

The lawyer conceded that a jail penalty of nine months was appropriate although only two days in custody could be declared for this.

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Magistrate Elizabeth Hall said Schackow had written a letter of apology, in what was a most unfortunate incident brought about by his intoxication that night.

"The assault was on a person 80 years of age," she said.

"You were not seeking him. You were senseless with alcohol.

"He called out to you.

"You were not wilfully looking to hurt an older person. The assault was by spitting."

Ms Hall said all his gains were now set back and nothing could excuse his behaviour.

"You let yourself down in that way," she said.

She noted that he was feeling grief at the time due to a personal matter.

For his serious assault Schackow was sentenced to a nine month jail term, to be added to his existing sentence.

He received six months (concurrent) for his public nuisance offence, Ms Hall saying that he had not been in his right mind when trying to get into the pizza van.

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