‘Grubby little c***’: Union man’s tirade ends in court

A SMALL business operator was given 15 minutes to handover $625 or be kicked off a Sunday shift because the CFMEU said one of its workers was "a grubby little c**t who refused to join the union", court documents allege.

The construction watchdog is accusing the union of coercion over the alleged incident at the Sunshine Plaza Shopping Centre construction site at Maroochydore on March 8.

Union delegate James Fissenden allegedly went on an expletive-laden tirade after discovering the non-union worker in the employment of contractor ESY Constructions.

He said unless he received $625 for his union dues within 15 minutes they would be pulled off the Sunday work, documents lodged with the Federal Court in Brisbane allege.

"I remember you now. You were that cheeky f....ing little c..t who refused to be part of the union," he is alleged to have said.

"You're a grubby little c..t. I remember tearing your papers up.

"Unless we get $625.20, I am going down to me office now, in the next 15 minutes, you will not be working on Sunday."

The documents state ESY Constructions director Ezra Norman handed over company credit card details to get the demanded $625 paid.

The non-union worker was one of five independent contractors employed by ESY.

Mr Fissenden is alleged to have told Mr Norman it was his own boss that was demanding all workers be financial with the union.

"I'm f**king working with you mate, so you know, I'm happy to let you work but my boss won't let it happen unless I've got you all financial," he is alleged to have said.

The Australian Building and Construction Commission is alleging it breached the coercion and adverse action sections of the Fair Work Act.

If the ABCC wins the action, the CFMEU faces a maximum $63,000 penalty and its delegate a $12,600 fine.

The CFMEU has been contacted for comment.