THE SHOWS MUST GO ON: Sideshow alley action at the 2013 Rockhampton Show.
THE SHOWS MUST GO ON: Sideshow alley action at the 2013 Rockhampton Show. Sharyn O'Neill ROK070613srokshow

Guild's heartfelt letter to the community ahead of two shows

THE Showmens' Guild of Australasia have written a heart-felt letter to the community ahead of two separate shows in Rockhampton this week.

The Guild is seeking the support of the community for its show on the north side of Fitzroy River at Callaghan Park at the same time the Rockhampton Agriculture Show opens gates at the Rockhampton Showgrounds.

It comes after the two organisations were unable to resolve issues that were put on the negotiating table two years ago, including a permanent home for the wood choppers and where the Guild could set up camp for their travelling homes.

TO the people of Rockhampton,

We consider everyone from the equestrian, cattlemen, wood chopping, cake and vegetable exhibitors,schools and all people who display in the pavilions and participate in the show; the show fraternity.

That includes the amusement operators that come, year in year out, through the good and the bad, like all the staunch people in our fraternity.

Without all these people it can't be a success.

It is a combined effort by all to make a successful show.

Many of our families have been travelling for several generations.

We want every show to be a success.

We have had over 100 years of good relations with the show society.

Our community is quite large, we boost the economy of the towns we visit along the way, also good friendships have been made.

Please don't think we are bullies.

We are all families, we all have our own amusements, games and food vans.

We do things for the good of our community like any town would do.

Over the last two years we have had problems that we have been trying to resolve, with meetings after meetings at our expense. Flying from interstate at times.

We are business people with big overheads.

All those world class rides on offer come at a cost with big repayments, hence the cost of rides.

Some of the larger ones take two or three prime movers to travel from show to show.

Also we have quite a lot of staff to find and run the rides as well.

Just like you in your community, the economy is not too good and it's a bit of a struggle to keep things on track.

Negotiations have broken down, our families have to work.

Rockhampton has always been an important show on our calendar.

All shows are locked in months in advance with their dates.

Emerald mid-week, Yeppoon this weekend.

We all have to work because of our expenses; people have to be paid.

What has happened is a last resort.

We would like nothing more than to be at the Rockhampton Showgrounds where we belong.

Hopefully next year that will happen.

We would like to ask Rockhampton to please support your show.

Then come out to us for some fun, laughter, and excitement.

From The Showmen's Guild of Australasia