Gutless companies need to be ‘woke’ up


THERE'S a hip new term that's been deployed recently to describe Lefties who want to save the planet, end coal mining, secure equal pay for women, open the borders to illegal refugees and attack middle-aged white men.

They're described as being "woke''. Now I must admit I'd never heard the term until a few of my learned colleagues at Sky News started using it.

The dictionary definition for woke means "being conscious of racial discrimination in society and injustice''. Stay angry and stay woke.

My definition is a little more blunt. These are people and organisations with way too much time on their hands, intent on manufacturing issues to pander to their staff and customer base. Irresponsible, juvenile behaviour.

Engineering firm Aurecon and infrastructure company Cardno have ended their ties with Adani. Their explanations are wishy washy but the fine print is obvious. They have "woken'' to the fact that some of their clients and staff are anti-Adani.

Cardno have ended their relationship with Adani after being “woke”. Picture: Marc Robertson
Cardno have ended their relationship with Adani after being “woke”. Picture: Marc Robertson

Cardno chairman Michael Alscher said so.

"As a company we have decided that we will no longer do any further work with Adani.'' He said.

"Given the project and the controversy around that, it is best if we not participate in the project at all.

"We took into account commercial and social factors, our company values as well as feedback from other clients and our employees.''

In other words, like so many businesses today, Cardno caved into pressure from the haughty Left. Also under pressure is engineering firm GDH, as is Tradelink Plumbing Centres, bidding to supply key materials for the mine.

The Galilee Blockade has called on its members to boycott Tradelink stores on Saturday as a way to apply pressure.

Broadcaster Alan Jones has been targeted by the "woke'' brigade, with even Coles pulling its ads from his breakfast radio show.

I'm not going to defend some of Jones' comments. He has made mistakes and when he does the veteran broadcaster is quick to apologise.

But Jones is more than a conservative broadcaster to the "woke''. He is the anti-Christ, the Right-wing's patron saint.

Jones has a huge following because he tells it the way he sees it. He doesn't play favourites and the target of his most recent attacks on how we are handing the drought is none other than conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He and fellow Right-wing broadcaster Ray Hadley effectively drove former NSW Liberal premier Mike Baird out of office after his greyhound ban.

When companies like Coles, Aurecon and Cardno start making decisions on who they will or won't support, based on a warped ideology fuelled by Left wing zealots, it's time for "quiet Australians'' to have their say.

Coles shareholders are entitled to ask the question - who made the decision to boycott Jones and what cost-benefit will accrue from abandoning Australia's number one broadcaster?

Woolies must be rubbing their hands with glee. The same with Cardno and Aurecon. Do they really think the average Queenslander gives two hoots about a decision to cut ties with an Indian company that is promising extra jobs in regional Queensland?

Queenslanders spoke on May 18. We want coal mining jobs and fiscal certainty for our retirees. We also want to save the planet, but not send the country broke.

It's time people started boycotting the boycotters. Maybe then, and only then, will they wake up to themselves.