Chris Sun has announced his movie Boar will not premiere in Gympie after all, and that he has relinquished ownership of the Gympie cinemas. Chris is off to the US later this year.
Chris Sun has announced his movie Boar will not premiere in Gympie after all, and that he has relinquished ownership of the Gympie cinemas. Chris is off to the US later this year. Warren Lynam

Horror flicks man Chris Sun off to United States

UPDATE: Locally-filmed horror movie Boar will premiere at the Event Cinemas in Maroochydore, despite earlier plans to premiere the film at the Gympie Cinemas.

Mr Sun said the Gympie Cinema wasn't large enough to accommodate the audience numbers expected at the premiere, but he hasn't ruled out a "secret" invite-only screening for locals at the Gympie Cinemas.

After buying the cinema last year, Mr Sun said he has since released ownership of the business.

With the move to the US and the Boar premiere approaching, Mr Sun said his path lay in a different direction from the Gympie Cinemas.

Gympie Cinema management confirmed the business had passed back to previous ownership.


MARY Valley adopted son, the director of Charlie's Farm and Boar Chris Sun, has revealed he is off to pursue his career in the United States, and that Boar will not be premiering at the Gympie cinemas, which he has relinquished ownership of.

Mr Sun has brought plenty of excitement and star power to the Gympie region over the past two or three years through his penchant for filming at rural locations close to Gympie.

Lagoon Pocket and Kandanga have been particular favourites for the Nambour-based director with strong Gympie connections.

In 2015, he announced he would premiere his most recent (still in production) horror flick, Boar, at the Gympie cinemas in 2016, which he had recently purchased.

But is now seems that is not to be.

When Mr Sun returned from a trip to the United States recently, the person who always wanted him to go was not there to hear news of his exploits.

While he was away, he received news that Debbie Rivers, the investor who had supported his film career for the past three years, had died.

A heartbroken Mr Sun, who called Ms Rivers "Mummzy" and regarded her as a best friend, cut short his trip and returned home.

But after meeting with studio, management and agent representatives and producers in the US, he is likely to do exactly what she said and return there to pursue his career.

"She always said to me that you need to be in America," he said.

Mr Sun plans to head to the US for a short time in July with a rough cut of Boar after receiving financial support from US sources which will enable him to complete the movie.

The film, which was shot in Kandanga and Lagoon Pocket last year, ground to a halt after a funding glitch but Mr Sun said five days of filming at the Gold Coast would wrap it up.

He plans to rent a base in Nambour for at least six months while he travels between the US and Australia with his partner, Chrissy Hulsby.

Mr Sun said a decision was yet to be made on whether his next movie, the ghost tale House for Rent, would be shot in the US or Australia or both.

After that, there was "talk of a really scary dog movie in Mexico with a budget so big I've no idea how they spend that much money".

He said he would prefer to divide his time between the US and Australia to build his career while staying in contact with his four children aged 10 to 17.

Although he has always been proud of being Nambour-based, he said the reception and offers of support he received while in the US had convinced him it was time to move.

"I've always been pretty proud of being a Sunshine Coast filmmaker, ahead of being an Australian filmmaker. I'd like to continue doing that," he said.

"If America would say, 'We'll give you money and you can stay there', I'd do it."

Mr Sun is now selling up his collection of ghoulish props and movie memorabilia on Facebook in preparation for the move.

The collection includes a severed head, personally signed posters, and figurines from Charlie's Farm, one of his best known films.

Mr Sun said the sales were reluctant because "there's so many memories" but necessary to head to the US, which Ms Rivers told him "more than once" he should do.