Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien. Photo Patrick Woods / Sunshine Coast Daily.
Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien. Photo Patrick Woods / Sunshine Coast Daily.

Hats off to Llew, but he should go further

AS A CONSERVATIVE voter I have nothing but admiration for Member for Wide Bay Member Llew O'Brien for his stand about the lack of governance being applied by the National Party leadership in regard to the blatant lack of morality being displayed by the party to pay the costs of National Party Members attending the 100th anniversary of the birth of their party at a five-star hotel in Melbourne.

For this alone Deputy PM Michael McCormack should stand down as Nats leader.

I would encourage Llew O'Brien who is now without a party but will continue to support the Coalition to take it one step further and form his own party, "The Queensland Conservative Party", supporting rural Australia.

Their policies for the next election to include:

1. The creation of dams in Northern Australia to ensure we provide enough water for our future.

2. To provide enough base-load power to service industry and all Australians into the future.

3. To ensure "Religious Freedom" to all Australians.

4. To ensure all Australians are allowed to practice "free speech" without vilification.

5. Immediate "drought relief" to all primary producers to ensure they continue to survive in rural Australia.

The dissatisfaction presently in the electorate with our major political parties would see rural electorates not only in Queensland but Australia wide rejoicing at an opportunity to tell major parties how dissatisfied they presently are with policies presently being presented by their party.