High-profile locals were among the crowd for a paddle-out in protest against a planned Netflix reality show in Byron Bay this morning.

The event was created with the intention of sending a clear message to Netflix after the streaming service announced the production of Byron Baes, slated as a reality show about the town's "influencers".

Parkway Drive drummer and owner of Byron Bay General Store Ben Gordon, who has lived in Byron his whole life, said the planned show was not welcome.

"Today the community are coming together to clearly send a message to Netflix and Eureka Productions that we as a community do not want this production to go ahead," Mr Gordon said.

"We ask them a very simple request: that they have some respect, listen to our community and cancel this production."

Mr Gordon was approached for possible filming at his business. He said no, and has urged others to do the same to effectively stonewall the production.

"They need businesses to film their show and myself and every other business in town that I've heard of have said no," he said.

"Every facet of the community don't want this, from the council to the first nations people to business owners, to community members.

"No one really stands to benefit. We all stand to lose because our name and reputation is getting dragged through the mud and even though it will attract people, we all believe it's the wrong kind of attention."

More to come.