A DV offender sent numerous vile messages to his former partner, threatening to assault, rape and kill her.
A DV offender sent numerous vile messages to his former partner, threatening to assault, rape and kill her.

‘He threatened to pour acid on her face, slit her throat’

A MACKAY father of three made vile threats to assault, rape and kill his partner of nine years through a barrage of depraved text messages.

The now 41 year old threatened to "break her ribs, break her fingers one at a time, cut her mouth open, hang her tongue through her neck".

Mackay District Court heard the disgusting behaviour occurred between June and August 2018.

Sometimes he would only contact her once - other days it was numerous times.

The court heard on one day he messaged her 188 times.

In summing up the despicable content of the text messages, Crown prosecutor Steph Gallagher said, "he threatened to assault her, to rape her, to kill her.

"He threatened to assault and kill their children including at times when the children were in his care."

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Ms Gallagher labelled some of the content particularly "despicable" including threatening to "stomp on her guts and kill her".

The court heard on August 23 he told her: "I'm going to cut you from c*** to head, sl*t".

On August 27 "he threatened to pour acid on her face and slit her throat".

Even when he was arrested and taken into custody his appalling abuse continued - he called her on five different days and accused her of cheating on him and threatened to kill her.

"He threatened to cut her throat when he got out of prison," Ms Gallagher said.

The court heard the offending was committed either while he was on bail for other charges or while in custody.

A man threatened to cut his partner’s throat. He pleaded guilty to breaching a domestic violence order.
A man threatened to cut his partner’s throat. He pleaded guilty to breaching a domestic violence order.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to nine counts of breaching a domestic violence order.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of failing to take an oath when summonsed to give evidence before the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission in March last year.

The court heard he had spent 15 months in jail, with four months and one week of that declarable as time already served.

He had been serving time for another matter and was later granted bail on these charges. He has been on bail for the past nine months.

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Defence barrister Matt Heelan said his client, in that time, had been able to maintain some contact with his former partner about their children and "he's been able to do that without getting high on meth and sending explosive and disgusting text messages".

The court heard there was no actual physical violence involved.

Mr Heelan pushed for an immediate release, arguing his client should not be returned to jail because of the progress he had made.

"Ultimately I am unable to accept that submission," Chief Judge Brian Devereaux said.

"You've heard me say that your breaches of the protection order were serious, and indeed they were very serious.

"It's hard to think of a more serious type of such breach short of physical violence."



DVConnect Womensline: 1800 811 811

DVConnect Mensline: 1800 600 636

1800RESPECT national hotline: 1800 656 463


Judge Devereaux said he found it was necessary to impose cumulative jail terms for the State and Commonwealth offences that required further time in custody.

"I have to balance that against what on the surface looks like real progress that you have made in the past nine months and the destructive nature of sending you to jail after making progress," he said.

"But it seems to me that that's unavoidable."

The man was jailed for 18 months jail with 127 days declared time already served for the breaches of a domestic violence order. He will be released on parole on October 2 this year.

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"When you think about that you will understand that I am releasing you after serving less than a third of a sentence which I consider to be right at the bottom of the appropriate range for the state charges," Judge Devereaux said.

For the Commonwealth offence, the man was jailed for 12 months, which will begin on October 2 this year. He will then be released after three months on a two-year good behaviour bond.

Convictions were recorded.