5G Tower at Tania Park
5G Tower at Tania Park

Health concerns as 5G spots revealed

A SOUTHEAST Queensland mum says she is concerned about the number of 5G hotspot locations, ahead of the technology's rollout.

Kerrie Mercel, a qualified network specialist, said she feared the new technology could harm people's health because of the radio frequency at which it operated.

Despite the many consumer benefits such as faster upload and download speeds and the ability to live stream new technology such as hologram phone calls, Ms Mercel said there was no evidence the technology was safe for humans.


A map showing some of the locations for the 5G network in Logan.
A map showing some of the locations for the 5G network in Logan.


Already 19 Logan sites have been earmarked for the new 5G technology and the Loganholme mum said she was concerned about the number of towers in her neighbourhood.

She said today's smartphones operated on 4G LTE, at a frequency of between 450MHz to 5.9GHz.

But the new 5G phones would operate on new millimetre wave (mmWave) frequencies between 30Ghz and 300GHz.

She said telcos would not need to apply to Logan City Council to use existing towers and initially it was expected they would just replace the 2, 3 or 4G equipment with 5G.

The council said it had not had any development applications for the new 5G towers.

"It's of concern for residents because 5G will need a lot more towers closer together for it to operate," Ms Mercel said.

"Unlike 4G waves, the 5G waves don't travel vast distances and have a short connection range, which is why antennas or towers have to be erected closer to each other.

"It is the number and proximity of towers that we are concerned about, even though there is no clear proof that 5G is harmful, there is also no clear proof that it is not."

She said she feared transmitters would have to be installed on street lights, inside houses and about every 100m across neighbourhoods.


















Preliminary maps on the Radio Frequency National Site Archive (RFNSA) show locations including Kingston, Meadowbrook, Rochedale South, Waterford, Holmview, Bethania and Logan Village.

But despite the allocated sites, Logan's two federal MPs, Bert van Manen and Jim Chalmers were unable to elaborate.










However, Labor Senator for Queensland Murray Watt said Labor was aware of community concern.

"We appreciate those concerns given the lack of communication with the public about this issue," Senator Watt said.

"The safety of electromagnetic emissions from 5G is appropriately a matter for expert authorities such as the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, ARPANSA.

"And it is for the government to explain what assurances it has received from ARPANSA on this matter."

On the ARPANSA website, assistant director Dr Ken Karipidis said there were no adverse health effects expected from radio frequency exposures below the ARPANSA limits.

Dr Karipidis said the most likely effect would be heated skin, where most of the energy waves would be absorbed.

"At these higher 5G frequencies, the limits in the ARPANSA safety standard are set to prevent excessive heating at the surface of the skin and the eye," he said.

"In our community today, there are a range of devices and applications that use higher frequencies, for example security screening units at airports, police radar guns to check speed, remote sensors and in medicine."

He said more research needed to be completed on the effects of exposure to frequencies above 6 GHz and for emerging technologies that used 5G.


Ms Mercel said Logan residents who wanted to know more about 5G should go to her community education forum called the 5G Health Symposium Global on Sunday, July 7 from 10am to 5pm at Mount Gravatt.

Details: on the STOP5GGlobal page on Facebook.




Residents are concerned about the possible dangers of 5G
Residents are concerned about the possible dangers of 5G









Mary St, Kingston

628-652 Kingston Rd, Loganlea

Nester Dve, Meadowbrook

3679 Pacific Hwy, Slacks Creek

Water Reserve, Deen St, Rochedale South,

29 Millers Rd, Eight Mile Plains

306-316 Chambers Flat Rd, Logan Reserve

88-118 Station Rd, Bethania

2569 Logan Rd, Eight Mile Plains

84 Bryants Rd, Shailer Park

108 Dairy Creek Rd, Waterford

302-316 Logan River Rd, Holmview

3830-3836 Mt Lindesay Hwy, Park Ridge

303-311 Middle Rd, Boronia Heights

1339 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt

Wuraga Rd, Beenleigh

1623-1629 Waterford Tamborine Rd, Logan Village

42-44 Mill St, Yarrabilba

70 Union Circuit, Yatala

Lot 7 Lexington Rd, Underwood





A 5G location is in Mary St, Kingston.
A 5G location is in Mary St, Kingston.









678 Compton Rd, Calamvale

2119 Beaudesert Rd, Calamvale

Dittmer Park, Mt Gravatt

Sunnybank Hills Reservoir, Stones Rd, Sunnybank Hills

Cnr Cotter St and Learoyd Rd, Acacia Ridge

50 Station Rd Sunnybank

185 Mt Gravatt Rd, Mt Gravatt

Recreational Reserve Salisbury

9 Selhurst St, Coopers Plains