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Heartbreaking diagnosis leads to important conversation

EARLIER this year, Peter Williams received news that he never wanted to hear.

His father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

After watching his father go through treatment, Mr William's workmates at Hastings Deering rallied together to grow a sea of mos in support of father and son.

Yesterday, more than 70 of them gathered for a barbecue, and a wholesale mo-chop.

"I kicked of Movember this year as team captain because my Dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer,” Mr Williams said.

"Only this week, he just finished a long, two-month stint of radiotherapy - it's very close to my heart.”

The Movember fundraising result went way beyond his expectations.

"It's been amazing. I set my goal at $5000 and we have absolutely smashed it," Mr Williams said.

Hasting Deering Safety Advisor Steve Will taking part in Movember.
Hasting Deering Safety Advisor Steve Will taking part in Movember. Allan Reinikka ROK301118amovembe

In just one month, the "Mo bro's and sista's” from Hastings Deering have raised nearly $24,000 for Movember.

Steve Lill, safety advisor at Hastings Deering, has gone above and beyond for his workmate.

He has been spending the month mowing lawns around Rockhampton to boost the company's kitty.

Instead of taking payments for the lawns he mows, he has been asking people to put money into his Movember account.

"Everyone seems to be looking for donations, these days," he said.

"What I've been doing is offering to mow yards as a transaction.

"I've been mowing yards for my donations and my account has just hit $8600.”

Caring for the health and wellbeing of his workmates comes as second nature to Mr Lill in his role as a safety advisor.

He has noticed men often internalise their health issues, especially when it comes to mental health.

"We don't tend to talk to one another," he said.

"Suicide awareness is a big one. We see it at home, with our families and with our friends.

"It seems like you can't talk about it."

Mr Lill praised the Movember campaign for igniting discussion around men's health.

"My cousin told me he has spoken more about prostate cancer in the last 15 days than he has in the last three years," he said.

Hastings Deering enlisted the help of Nicole Svendsen and Dean Lill from Frenchville Sports Club to harvest the Mo's.