FALLING in the drink and being stuck for over an hour would be exhausting for anyone.

Luckily someone taking a smoke break spotted a Fitzroy River boatie who was in a spot of trouble yesterday afternoon. Ebony Tinirau was taking a break about 2.20pm when she noticed a man overboard in the Fitzroy River, struggling to get into a tinny tied to a houseboat.

She raised the alarm and the Coast Guard was called, but it would be half an hour before they could get anyone to the Wharf St incident.

Then SMW (Servicing, Maintenance and Welding) workshop manager Shane Ryals tried whistling to attract the attention of boats going by, but had no luck.

He then jumped in a work ute, drove to the nearby boat ramp near the Fitzroy Motorboat Club and commandeered a boat to rescue the man.

Mr Ryals, who just this week returned to work after taking two weeks off to get married, said the guys in the boat - who helped him rescue the exhausted boatie - had driven past and not seen him.

"He reckons he'd been there for about an hour," he said.

"He reckons his dog knocked him, but the dog was this big (pointing out the dog was a small dog).

"He was exhausted. He had no go in him at all."

For a man still in honeymoon phase, yesterday afternoon's efforts weren't anything to be overly concerned about.

"By all means, I'm not a hero," he said.

But his colleagues would argue differently.

Ms Tinirau said Mr Ryals, who was a big guy, struggled a bit to pull the man up out of the water.

"It took him a couple of goes to get him up," she said.

"He (the man in the water) was jammed up between his big boat and his tinny.

"When he couldn't get into his tinny, he tried to get into his big boat."

Ms Tinirau said the man, his boat and his little dog were regularly anchored in the popular area.

And in true Aussie form, the rescued man offered Mr Ryals a cold beer or two, or three, for helping him out of the drink.

The rescued man refused medical treatment from Queensland Ambulance Service staff at the scene.